Kenneth Scheve is the Dean Acheson Professor of Political Science and Global Affairs at Yale University. He is a political economist who studies the domestic and international governance of modern capitalism. His research studies inequality and redistribution; the politics of globalization, the social and political consequences of long run economic change; and climate politics.



Department of Political Science
Yale University
115 Prospect Street
Rosenkranz Hall, Room 337
New Haven, CT 06520

Jackson Institute for Global Affairs
Yale University
55 Hillhouse Avenue
Horchow Hall, Room 211
New Haven, CT 06520

Recent Publications

2021. “The Economic Origins of Authoritarian Values: Evidence from Local Trade Shocks in the United Kingdom” (with Cameron Ballard-Rosa, Mashail Malik, and Stephanie Rickard). Comparative Political Studies.

2021. “Economic Decline, Social Identity, and Authoritarian Values in the United States” (with Cameron Ballard-Rosa and Amalie Jensen). International Studies Quarterly.

2021. “City limits to partisan polarization in the American public” (with Amalie Jensen, Will Marble, and Matthew Slaughter). Political Science Research & Methods.