Working Papers

2023. “Trains, Trade, and Transformation: A Spatial Rogowski Theory of America’s 19th Century Protectionism” (with Theo Serlin). Yale University Working Paper.

2023. “Democracy, Inequality, and Antitrust” (with Michael O. Allen and David Stasavage). Revise & Resubmit Journal of Politics.

2021. “Inequality, Information, and Income Tax Policy Preferences in Austria and Germany” (with Cameron Ballard-Rosa, Ronald Rogowski, and Nicolaj Thor).

2021. “Learning to Love Government? Technological Change and the Political Economy of Higher Education” (with Carlos Lastra-Anadon and David Stasavage). Paper presented at 2020 Annual IPES Meeting.

2020. “Measuring Time Preferences in Large Surveys” (with Michael Bechtel and Amalie Jensen).