Working Papers

2021. “The German Trade Shock and the Rise of the Neo-Welfare State in Early 20th Century Britain” (with Theo Serlin). Conditional Acceptance American Political Science Review.

2021. “Foundations of a New Democracy: Schooling, Inequality, and Voting in the Early Republic” (with Tine Paulsen and David Stasavage). Conditional Acceptance American Political Science Review.

2021. “Democracy, Inequality, and Antitrust” (with Michael O. Allen and David Stasavage). Revise & Resubmit Journal of Politics.

2021. “Inequality, Information, and Income Tax Policy Preferences in Austria and Germany” (with Cameron Ballard-Rosa, Ronald Rogowski, and Nicolaj Thor). Revise & Resubmit Journal of Public Economics.

2021. “Improving Public Support for Climate Action Through Multilateralism” (with Michael Bechtel and Elisabeth van Lieshout). Paper presented at GRIPE, September 2021.

2021. “Learning to Love Government? Technological Change and the Political Economy of Higher Education” (with Carlos Lastra-Anadon and David Stasavage). Paper presented at 2020 Annual IPES Meeting.

2020. “Measuring Time Preferences in Large Surveys” (with Michael Bechtel and Amalie Jensen).